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thinkers & makers with incurable curiosity



thinkers & makers with incurable curiosity

then we get to work

We are a team of strategists, designers and creative technologists with a proclivity for problem-solving and a penchant for rule-bending foresight. We believe in nurturing cognitive and creative talents both in and out of the office, fostering an environment that encourages mental risk-taking while honing critical skills to help our clients succeed. We truly love what we do.

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about our founders


Alisa began Hello Q with one purpose: help companies #thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape while re-thinking the role of strategic consulting to the enterprise to drive meaningful improvements. She  brings 10+ years of award-winning innovation, marketing and organizational design experience to the table.

As Former Vice President of Strategy and Global Chair of Digital Innovation at iCrossing @Hearst, she helped Hearst’s C-suite re-imagine the newspaper business and led the creation of the Live Media Studio, winning a Forrester Groundswell award for groundbreaking digital innovation. She has worked with many of the world's top brands and innovators including P&G, Coca-Cola, Twitter and Google.

Alisa is also a founding partner at socialdeviant, helping CEO Marc Landsberg launch his vision since day one.

Benjamin brings 20 years of creative leadership, graphic design, photography and multi-media arts experience to Hello Q, leading our Visual Thinking approach to strategic problem-solving.

Trained at France’s prestigious École des Arts Décoratifs, he helped launch Paris’s famous music agency, Super! which, among many things, produces the Pitchfork Paris festival.

His commercial work includes projects for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, EasyJet, Agnes B., and the government of France.

As an artist, Benjamin works with strategists, technologists and creatives of all types to bring innovative installations to life. Paired with strong strategic and analytical thinking partners, Benjamin helps bring Hello Q’s mental models to life through innovative visualization techniques that help us deliver and act with speed and clarity.

Jonathan is an award-winning technologist in web app and mobile development with 10+ years of product development and UX experience. With a passion for data application innovation and scale process, Jonathan not only focuses on human-centered product development, but on rapid prototyping development processes to speed innovation.

His work with the State of Utah has gained national recognition, and is used as a model for leveraging technology to scale government transparency and data accessibility across over 30 states.

A natural inventor and experimenter, he leads Utah's mobile hackathons and continually inspires the Hello Q team with bleeding-edge technology "what if's?"



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