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on-demand expertise for always-on executives



on-demand expertise for always-on executives

executive-level strategy, creative & SME consulting at your fingertips

Q Membership put some of the world’s best business brains and innovative resources at your fingertips. Membership is designed to deliver strategic, innovative insights and expertise on-demand to help you tackle your biggest (and littlest) business challenges and cultivate courageous leadership.


why membership?

Decision-makers deserve more: targeted, specific, collaborative help and a network of creative resources to tap into. You don’t need consultants, you need a platform for professional problem-solving and personal growth. Consider Membership as your personal insights pipeline, problem-solving and creative SWAT team and lab for future-thinking with purpose.


who is membership for?

Q Memberships are designed to meet the needs of business leaders and teams across both blue chip and start-up organizations. Q Membership is for the bold and ambitious, for the problem-solver, the innovator, the leader, the always-pushing change-maker. Membership is for leaders who embrace the adage "two heads are better than one" as a competitive advantage, and seek to accelerate that advantage.



what does membership include?



areas of expertise


Analysis & Insights

Strategic Planning


Operations: Talent, Tech & Traction


Web & Mobile Technologies

UX & Product Development

Systems Architecture

Digital Strategy & Influencer Engagement


Visual Design & Storytelling

Trends & Future-casting

Culture & Ways of Working

Leadership, Communication & Change-Making




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